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20% OFF Discount Code 'LoveMum'

We are fast approaching our big move into our new unit which is exciting and hectic all at the same time! We will need to shut our shop down this Friday (27th Feb) to start moving in and we will have a big old opening on the 11th March!

We will still be taking online orders via our website and because we dont want anyone to panic about missing out on Mother's Day goodies we want you to use our 20% off code 'LoveMum' which will run until Friday 13th March. This will mean you can pick up ANYTHING from our online shop with 20% off! (This offer is online ONLY NOT avaliable in store).

If you have any questions or problems then we will be picking up emails and maybe the Kemp Phone if its up and running!

Thanks you all for your patience and see you on the otherside of our Big Move!


Lucy, Kat, Pansy & Jen 


Lucy Kemp Jewellery in Cornwall

Unique contemporary jewellery created using fine silver, sterling silver, 24ct gold and semi-precious stones. 

Featured products

Christening Birthstone Necklace

A pretty charm necklace with birthstone, silver cross and a silver personalised heart.

Silver Textured Heart Ankle Bracelet

A Silver Ankle Chain With Heart Charm.

Silver Textured Tilted Heart Bangle

Sterling silver charm bangle with a textured tilted heart and round sterling beads.